And then there were three…

The Hutchinson Leader is reporting that GOP state Sen. Steve Dille will not seek reelection. Dille is one of only two GOP senators (Denny Frederickson is the other) who voted to override Gov. Pawlenty’s veto of a transportation funding package. What was remarkable about those votes is that Democrats in the Minnesota Senate already held a veto proof majority.

The major action was in the Minnesota House. Six Republicans voted for the override.

Here’s what happened to the Republicans who voted to override Pawlenty’s veto:

GOP Rep. Jim Abeler – still in the Legislature

GOP Rep. Rod Hamilton – still in the Legislature

GOP State Sen. Dennis Frederickson – still in the Legislature

GOP State Sen. Steve Dille – still in the Legislature but retiring at end of term

GOP Rep. Ron Erhardt – lost his seat in general election

GOP Rep. Neil Peterson – lost his seat in GOP primary

GOP Rep. Kathy Tingelstad – retired in 2008

GOP Bud Heidgerken – retired in 2008.

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