Norm is reportedly Pawlenty’s “main man” in the Jewish Community.

The New York Jewish Week has jumped into the 2012 speculation game by writing a blog post on Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. The story said former GOP Sen. Norm Coleman is Pawlenty’s “main man” in the Jewish community. Coleman praises Pawlenty but there appears to be some speculation as to whether a Republican candidate can make significant gains in the Jewish voting community.

Here’s a synopsis of the blog post:

Pawlenty’s main man in the Jewish community is former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.), whose 2008 defeat at the hands of Sen. Al Franken was in the courts for many months.

Not surprisingly, Coleman is optimistic that Pawlenty, not exactly a household name to Jewish voters, is well positioned to do what so many other Republicans have failed to do: attract a much bigger chunk of the Jewish presidential vote.

“His appeal to Jewish voters will be the same as for voters across the board,” Coleman told me last week. “He is thoughtful and smart, he understands that our party has to unite and reach out rather than divide. He knows how to get things done. The qualities he has I wish more in our party had.”

Pawlenty is scheduled to speak before the Republican Jewish Coalition later this week. Coleman was a consultant to that organization earlier this year.

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