Kohls suspends campaign for governor

The first Republican candidate for governor has dropped out. State Representative Paul Kohls of Victoria announced in an e-mail to supporters that he’s decided to suspend his campaign for governor.

“Although I have continued to gain political and financial supporters since our party’s October 3rd convention, it has become clear to me that the activists are lining up in much greater numbers behind some of the other candidates in the race, and there continues to be speculation about others who may enter the race. I certainly continue to believe that I’m the strongest Republican to take on the DFL candidate in 2010, but I also believe that this decision belongs to our party’s delegates, not to me.

In light of this and after much prayer and deliberation, I am making the very difficult decision to suspend my campaign for Governor.”

In a statement to the press, Kohls didn’t say if he was backing another candidate. He also didn’t specify in the statement if he’d run for the Minnesota House again.

Kohls just told me he isn’t backing another candidate at this time. He also said he isn’t sure if he’ll run for reelection in the Minnesota House.

There are currently eight other Republican candidates running for the open seat. Governor Pawlenty said in June that he will not seek a third term.

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