Gov. Pawlenty and DFL legislative leaders are scheduled to meet tomorrow morning to discuss the upcoming legislative session. Pawlenty’s spokesman announced the meeting in an e-mail to reporters:

TO: Capitol Press Corps

FROM: Brian McClung

RE: Governor hosting meeting with DFL Legislative Leaders tomorrow morning

Governor Pawlenty has invited DFL legislative leaders to meet with him for breakfast tomorrow morning at the Governor’s Residence to touch base in advance of the 2010 legislative session.

Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller, Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Assistant Senate Majority Leader Tarryl Clark, and House Majority Leader Tony Sertich are planning to attend. Minnesota Management & Budget Commissioner Tom Hanson and the Governor’s Director of Legislative and Cabinet Affairs Chris DeLaForest will also be at the meeting.

The breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m. and is expected to last an hour or so.

This will be the first time Pawlenty and DFL legislative leaders will meet since May 18th. That was the last day of the 2009 legislative session.

  • As someone who has been critical of the Governor for not participating in the Leadership Summit, this would seem to be a step in the right direction …. Yet, WHERE ARE the REPUBLICANS ? Why are they not being invited to sit at the table and offer their own opinions ? I live in a district that is served by two Republicans and do not like the idea that they are not participating.

    BTW, any idea what the Governor learned on his Jobs Tour that was to be held in St. Cloud, Apple Valley, Red Wing, Sauk Centre, Minnetonka, Rochester, Blaine, New Ulm, Faribault, Shoreview, Bemidji, Eagan, Woodbury, Princeton, La Crescent, Monticello, Chisago City, Fergus Falls and Willmar ? I never heard any reporting as a follow-up to his Jobs Summit that he kicked-off at EATON Corp. the day of the Leadership Summit.

  • tom scheck

    Gov. Pawlenty has met with GOP members over the past few months. As far as the jobs tour that started in Eden Prairie, it’s still going on. That was a House/Senate GOP production and they say they’ll have info when it’s finished.

  • Greetings, Tom !

    Thanks for reading my comment and responding.

    I am not surprised that the Governor would be meeting with members of the Republican Party, but why keep the sides separated ?

    What’s the point of having separate functions of government (legislative, executive and judicial) if the Governor appears to be controlling the elected Republicans involvement ? Is this fallout from when the Governor’s veto of the gas tax was overridden … when those Republicans that voted for the override were punished ?

    Regarding the Jobs Tour … any idea how many cities have been visited thusfar ? How did they reach out to employers and were these really working sessions or just political appearances. I read that Governor Pawlenty, State Rep. Kurt Zellers, State Sen. Chris Gerlach, State Rep. Tara Mack, State Sen. Dave Senjem met with local business owners on Sept. 30 to discuss their concerns at an Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce listening session. From the news account (, it sounded more like a Luncheon visit than a “roll-up the sleeves” and learn what can be done to create jobs.

    I have concerns that if this is what they consider to be a “Jobs Tour” that this will be nothing more than an opportunity for more political showmanship that will result in no improvement in jobs.

  • tom Scheck

    I don’t think there’s any fallout. It’s more a courtesy to hear what DFLers are saying without other lawmakers weighing in with their opinions.

    I have a list of the visits someplace. I’ll look for it over the next few days.