Seifert outlines his vision

Republican state Rep. Marty Seifert outlined his “Leadership Plan for Minnesota” at a news conference today. Seifert is one of nine Republicans running for Governor. His plan addressed job growth, health care, K-12, immigration, welfare and ethics. You can listen to the audio from his news conference here:

Seifert’s newser comes one day after GOP state Rep. Paul Kohls held a news conference calling on the rollback of state spending to 2004-2005 levels. Kohls didn’t specify where the cuts would come from. One reason the Republican candidates may be active this week is because there’s a straw poll of GOP activists at the MNGOP state convention on October 3rd.

  • MR

    I’m curious about his “Health Care Reform” plan.

    “A Health Care Reform bill that lowers health insurance premiums by enacting sweeping tort reform, market choices, insurance reform, and tax incentives so that middle class families can afford health insurance. ”

    Aside from the tort reform, how is that different from the Democratic proposals in the US congress?

    It feels like “Parental Control” in his K-12 plan is a code-word for something, but I don’t know what. Letting parents choose not to have evolution taught? Opt-in sex ed? I don’t know. His past support for state-mandated high-stakes testing might contrast with the “local control” aspect of that plan.

    Finally, I thought that the majority of welfare recipients had jobs. Does that mean that his plan has succeeded in bringing “work” already?