What others are saying about the Supreme Court ruling

Since winning the initial recount, Franken has started hiring staff for a Senate office. -CNN

There was significant pressure on Mr. Coleman not to appeal to the federal courts. -The Wall Street Journal

Further control of the senate would give Barack Obama, the US president, increased power to advance his legislative agenda. -Al Jazeera

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has said he will certify Franken’s seating without disputing the decision. -Chicago Tribune

Republican leaders have softened their support for Coleman over the last several weeks. -CQ

Who would have thought that something bizarre would happen when Al Franken ran for public office? -Talking Points Memo

Legal experts say the Minnesota Supreme Court did not order the Governor to sign the certificate and there is a rehearing period of 10 days. -New York Times

The earliest Franken would be seated is next week. -Huffington Post

Franken could help the Democrats stop Republican delaying tactics. -BBC

The ruling comes at a crucial time in Washington. -LA Times

Coleman has said he would abide by the decision of the Minnesota supreme court. -Guardian

The ruling did not directly address Pawlenty’s role. -Star Tribune

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has left some wiggle room as to whether he would sign an election certificate for Franken once the Supreme Court has decided the case. -Pioneer Press

Coleman’s options for regaining the Senate seat are dwindling. -Washington Post

Coleman will likely get strong support from national Republicans to continue pursuing the case through federal courts. -Politico

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