Tryout time for Pawlenty?

Gov. Pawlenty is headed to Washington D.C. today. He’ll be on a webchat at 1 PM CST with CBS. Later tonight, he’ll speak to a group of College Republicans.

MPR’s Midmorning talks with former John McCain adviser and MN GOP Chair Chris Georgacas about Pawlenty’s chances and the GOP in general at 9AM.


Pawlenty is also speaking at a luncheon hosted by the Republican National Lawyers Association.

Politico also reports that he’ll meet with former McCain staffers.

He’ll be “the guest of honor at a reception sponsored by a small cadre of former campaign aides to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) congressional staffers and GOP consultants, including some who could work on a Pawlenty presidential campaign.

The trip had been scheduled before the governor announced his decision not to run for reelection, but it will likely only further the widely held view that he’s eyeing a 2012 race.

Update: AP’s Martiga Lohn also said Pawlenty met with a group called the Ripon Society this morning. Here’s a brief video interview with him.

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