The Daily Digest: 6-11-09

A Ramsey County Court Administrator says Republican Norm Coleman has to pay Democrat Al Franken $94k for the court costs related to Coleman’s appeal of the recount.

Court officials say the MN Supreme Court ruling won’t come at night or during the weekend.

Under the Dome

Local governments spent $8.5 million on lobbying the Legislature in 2008.

The Star Tribune takes a look at a city that could be hit hard if future budget cuts go through.

State tax revenue increases in May.

The Legislative Auditor says there are more problems with the Metro Gang Strike Force. In particular, there was criticism of the seizures.

The Legislative Auditor also said Minnesota loosely enforces the E-Verify rule.

Gov. Pawlenty is taking input from stakeholders before he unallots.

Wisconsin may not fund the Stillwater bridge.

St. Paul Schools are laying off 143 teachers.

The Nature Conservancy is looking at using grass for energy in southern Minnesota.


The Senate is set to vote on FDA power to regulate tobacco.

The personal disclosure forms for House members have been released. MinnPost has links to Minnesota’s delegation.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar urges stronger airline safety enforcement.

The GOP sees House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the Achilles heel for Democrats. DFL Rep. Tim Walz and DFL Rep. Keith Ellison are mentioned.

GOP Rep. John Kline calls any health legislation with a public option problematic.

Kline also introduced legislation to protect auto dealers who are being shut down.

Kline is also reportedly making a push to be the top member of the House Education and Labor Committee.

Kline also discussed earmarks with the mayors in his district earlier this month.

GOP Erik Paulsen writes an op-ed wondering why government is closing businesses.

The House passes DFL Rep. Betty McCollum’s bill to end child marriage.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is now calling it “Obama’s gangster government.”

Mayors praise ACORN’s anti-foreclosure efforts. Bachmann is mentioned.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison is mentioned in this story on protection for renters.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson says there’s a mutiny growing among Democrats in the climate change legislation.


Former GOP Rep. Bill Haas jumps into the race for governor. AP and the Pi Press have stories. You can listen to an interview with Haas here.

City Hall Scoop says Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak will cross the river to raise some dough.

DFLer Matt Entenza hires a bunch of advisers.


The Fix says Pawlenty is the “gut” of the GOP.

  • Brittancus

    Seems like public outcry has achieved some minor breakthrough relating to the E-Verify controversy. Adding two more years to it’s life, must have had the US Chamber of Commerce, the so-called American Civil Liberties Union and other special interest groups frothing at the mouth? Of course the battle for the American Worker is far from over, because another AMNESTY will neutralize any headway when it comes to illegal immigration. E-Verify should be a permanent addition to the intentional weak arsenal of Immigration enforcement tools. Americans must remain vigilant, because our politicians are already sitting behind closed doors negotiating with anti-sovereignty groups as La Raza. Just as any open border, free traders are demanding a wide open society, with millions of more impoverished people invited into steal the employment from US labor. Its ramifications is OVERPOPULATION in the next fifty years, condemning our children to heavy shortages of resources including energy and water.

    We could end up like Communist China with a teeming population with little to eat and living in near poverty. America added 106 million people from 1965 to 2007. Demographic specialists showed 300 million more people living in America in October in 2008. They expect an added 100 million by 2040. The consequences will be irreversible and unsolvable in our future. The US settles approximately 2.5 legal immigrants a year, by far than any other nation. Yet parasite businesses want to burden taxpayers with inexcusable higher taxes to pay for their new hires. Thats why new innovative enforcement tools like E-Verify as part of the SAVE ACT, the Real ID Act, local police enforcement 247(g) Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009, must not be compromised, until–THE PEOPLES–government, introduces something better.

    Stop any more fraudulent AMNESTIES! We need ATTRITION by immigration enforcement. Throw out the representatives who don’t agree. WE NEED OUR BORDERS SEALED AND NO MORE PARIAH BUSINESS INTERDICTION! Call your politician today–before its too late? (202) 224-3121