The Daily Digest: 6-1-09

The Minnesota Supreme Court will hold oral arguments today on Republican Norm Coleman’s appeal challenging a decision that Democrat Al Franken received more votes in the 2008 U.S. Senate race. MPR will provide live radio coverage of the arguments (which start at 9AM). MPR’s Bob Collins will also liveblog the event.

The Star Tribune, MPR and the New York Times have previews.

Al Franken tells MPR that he’s confident that he’ll win.

The Hill says Norm Coleman will be in the courtroom.

The Pi Press looks at the points of law.

MinnPost gives you a checklist of things to listen for during the arguments.

Here’s a look at the judges who will be hearing the case.

AP says the candidates have spent $50 million to date.

KARE11 looks at how we got here.

Under the Dome

Legislators tell Gov. Pawlenty to cut the budget himself. The Star Tribune and AP have stories.

DFL Sen. Tarryl Clark calls Pawlenty’s unallotment move a power grab.

Minnesota’s must pass math test is no more.

The House Ethics Committee has a Tuesday hearing schedule over a complaint that centers on a DFL lawmaker’s tweets.

The Pi Press has a story examining why the election reform bill was vetoed but I can’t find a link. I’ll post when/if I find it. The Pi Press has a story examining why the election reform bill was vetoed.

Here’s a look at MnDOT’s ombudsman.

The Star Tribune takes a look at city efforts to crack down on “dangerous dogs.”

An audit says Minnesota Information Technology should be tracking projects better.


President Obama will speak about GM’s pending bankruptcy filing.

MinnPost writes that DFL Rep. Collin Peterson will be a major opponent to climate change legislation.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar appeared on CNN’s State of the Union to discuss the Sonia Sotomayor.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann opines on Obama’s Supreme Court pick (h/t Dump Bachmann).

Meanwhile, Senate foes soften their line on Sotomayor.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison was the keynote dinner speaker in a series of Sunday Muslim-oriented events at the Metropolitan Convention Center celebrating diversity.

U.S. energy weatherization funds go more to cold weather states than warmer weather states. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is mentioned.


DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher tells MinnPost that she’s thinking about running for governor. Not sure I would jump to the conclusion, however, that she’s in.

The Fix writes about Pawlenty’s looming decision.


Gov. Pawlenty is invited to speak at the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference.