Taxpayer’s League releases its scorecard

The Taxpayers League of Minnesota released its 2009 scorecard this afternoon. Six members (including one gubernatorial hopeful) scored 100%.

Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty and GOP House Minority Leader Marty Seifert (who is running for governor) were dubbed “Heroes of the Taxpayer.”

DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher (who is considering a run for governor) and DFL Sen. Tom Bakk (who is running for governor) were dubbed “Foes of the Taxpayer.” DFL Sen. Larry Pogemiller and DFL Rep. Ann Lenczewski also earned the dubious distinction by the conservative group.

I’m wondering how many GOP candidates for governor will sign the No New Taxes pledge this year. I also wonder how much the scorecard will help the DFL candidates among their supporters.

Here are the ratings on the gubernatorial hopefuls:

DFL Sen. Tom Bakk – 14

GOP Rep. Laura Brod – 87

DFL Sen. Tarryl Clark – 7

GOP Rep. Tom Emmer – 100

GOP Sen. Michelle Fischbach – 54

GOP Sen. David Hann – 77

DFL Rep. Margaret Anderson Kelliher – 0

GOP Sen. Paul Koering – 67

GOP Rep. Paul Kohls – 93

GOP Rep. Morrie Lanning – 64

DFL Sen. John Marty – 21

GOP Sen. Geoff Michel – 79

GOP Rep. Marty Seifert – 93

GOP Sen. David Senjem – 57

DFL Rep. Paul Thissen – 7

You can read which candidates are running for governor or are considering a run for governor here.

Update: Phil Krinkie, with the Taxpayers League, said they intend to have some sort of Taxpayer’s Protection Pledge for the 2010 candidates for governor. When I asked Krinkie who he was backing for governor, he replied jokingly “Well, it depends on who signs the pledge.”

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