Sullivan not running for Gov

Republican businessman Brian Sullivan says he’s not running for governor. Sullivan tried for the party endorsement for governor in 2002 but lost to Governor Pawlenty. He said he made the decision not to run next year because he’s trying to start up a new business and he has young children.

“To run for governor is a full-time occupation and it just wasn’t possible for me step out of my business and dedicate the time necessary to be successful in a run. There’s nothing worse than pursuing something in a way that you know won’t lead to a good outcome.”

Sullivan said right now he’s not going to back any of the other Republican candidates currently in the field. He said it’s possible that more candidates could enter. There are about a dozen Republicans and nearly a dozen Democrats who say they are either running or are considering a run for governor now that Tim Pawlenty has decided not to seek a third term. You can read the list here.

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