Source: GOP State Rep. Laura Brod will run for governor.

A source close to GOP state Rep. Laura Brod, of New Prague, said she will run for governor. The source said she’ll make an official announcement in the next week or two. Brod was actively courting activists at Saturday’s MNGOP State Party Central Committee meeting. At the time, she said she was gauging interest on a run.

Brod joins a growing list of candidates who are officially in the race. They include GOP state Rep. Marty Seifert, former MN House Speaker Steve Sviggum, former State Auditor Pat Anderson, state Rep. Paul Kohls and former state Rep. Bill Haas.

  • J

    Can’t wait to hear Brod answer questions about her personal life. I see she actually wore her wedding ring to the central committee meeting this past weekend. Big phony.

    This is going to be really good.

  • Leslie Davis is running for governor as a Republican He has been registered and already campaigning, such as at the Juneteenth festival last Sunday. Davis says, “people love my issues and my camapign.”

  • Brod, has no shot since she rammed the stadium tax down the throats of Hennepin County.

    Leslie Davis, I visited you website. Very entertaining. You must smoke a lot of pot.

  • marc Bourdeaux

    I think Laura is Great….she will make a Great Govenor

  • Rev. Dale A.P Anderson

    Leslie Davis…surely you are not a conservative. We as a state need a Conservative Governor. Good luck, but as the demographics show, our state is mostly pink or red out state. And as Obama continues on his path of socialism, will become more so and the metro area as well.

    I dont have time to tackle all your ideas, but rest assured, some of your ideas are not what the Republican base in this state supports.

    Just look at what your educational platform says….this is it? Come on. What this state needs is to reduce the Union and make teachers, school districts accountable. Not some silly legislate behavior stuff. Our schools are overspending, kids are failing, and the system is out of control.

    Rethink your platform, or your campaign will go no where.

  • Mplsmj

    J – Did you make that up or did someone else?