Seifert weighs in

GOP minority leader (at least unit June 24th or so) Marty Seifert just weighed in on the unallotments. Here’s the edible portion of the press release. Seifert’s statement:

“Governor Pawlenty today did what Minnesota Democrats cannot: He made government live within its means. Unallotment is not anyone’s ideal solution, but it’s what the session came to when the other side proved they could not set priorities or embrace reform.

“Democrats who condemn the governor’s actions seem to forget they had more than five months to find a solution. Had they spent more time working with us on reforms and efficiencies, and less time in committees that produced no results, this day would have been avoided.”

  • Stormer

    It’s not surprising that Mr. Seifert would support the Governor’s actions. He has been in lock-step with Tim Pawlenty and the RNC’s reactionary, revisionist agenda from the first day. Their war on the middle- and lower-class has reached epic proportions with this evil action.

    Mr. Seifert has been one of the foremost villains in destroying Minnesota’s world-renowned leadership as a progressive state, and continues to be obstructionist in all things good for Minnesota and its people.