Rybak Responds

Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak started his response to Pawlenty within minutes of the end of the unallotment announcement.


Rybak says that unemployment in Minneapolis is below the state average, and that the city has made a big push for youth employment this summer.

"We need to have a long term plan," Rybak says, surrounded by TV cameras and sounding gubernatorial himself. "Instead of throwing bombs... I'd like to hear the governor in the middle of a recession, talking about creating jobs."

3:15 PM Addendum: Rybak just dashed solo in and out of the MPR capitol buro, handing out his own press release.

  • Richard Schwerke

    I find it interesting that mayor Rybak talks about wanting to hear the governor speak about creating jobs. Under RT’s watch the city of Minneapolis Public Works Department has eliminated approximately 40% of it’s workforce and is in the process of cutting another 35 or more workers from Fleet Services (these are the people who plow your streets,sweep,and repair them). The city supposedly knew they had budget problems but that did not stop them from giving the top wage-earners a nice raise last winter. The city is reducing the number of people that actually do the work, but there is no reduction in duplicate or unneeded management positions. I also do not think the city needs to be spending 10 Million on a new building (at 26th and Hiawatha) that we could easily do without.