Rybak: Pawlenty “is going to get his butt kicked by Barack Obama…”

There has been plenty of discussion about whether Gov. Pawlenty will make a run for the White House in 2012. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, a Democrat, doesn’t seem to concerned.

On Fox Business this morning, Rybak said Pawlenty will “get his butt kicked by Barack Obama.”

Rybak also sidestepped a question on whether he’ll run for governor (“We’ll figure that out tomorrow,” he said.)

The quote is about 5:00 in. One clarification: The host is incorrect in her statement that Pawlenty says “he’s going to go for the White House.”

  • Oh, isn’t he so coy? I guess we’ll all patiently stand by until tomorrow when you ‘figure it all out.’ And that was wonderful snark with regards to Pawlenty, not unlike a 12-year old I know.

    A real leader would declare his candidacy and a real man would politely correct the host on Pawlenty’s decalred aspirations.

    Rybak is to jobs, innovation, and economic vitality what the Chinese government is to the internet.

  • High Crimes & Misdemeanors

    Octane boi, the mere fact that you have michelle “I make sh*t up” malkin as a source for anything makes you look like a fool.

    And you obviously have not been paying attention to Rybak’s distinguished career, he has done much to improve the city of Minneapolis. What have you done, but blog on your own site where no one posts to what you blog about???

  • Chris Nerlien

    Funny how no-one paid attention to what the Mayor said about jobs and innovation!! The so-called ‘real man would….’ bit applies to Pawlenty as well, don’t forget. And Michelle Malkin is notorious for such mistakes, so that you saw it as mistaken is a good thing, but you should complain to FOXNews and Malkin herself for that one and not the Mayor of Minneapolis who had all of two minutes on the show.