Ramstad noncommittal on run for governor

Former Republican Congressman Jim Ramstad was noncommittal when asked if he’s exploring a possible run for governor.

“This is not the week to talk about my future plans. This is the week to praise and thank Gov. Pawlenty for his outstanding leadership during these challenging times and I appreciate, just like most Minnesotans, the great job he’s done.”

Ramstad said he’s had over 100 calls from friends and supporters suggesting he run, which he called very gratifying and humbling. When asked what attributes a Republican candidate should have, Ramstad said this:

“I’m sure it’s going to be a crowded field and a lot of qualified people have been mentioned and I’m sure the Republicans will nominate another winner…”

“…I hope it’s somebody who takes a bipartisan approach to governing. We really need that. People are sick and tired the base politics and they want a governor. they want all public officials to work in a bipartisan way to address the problems facing our state and nation.”

  • Paul

    If he runs, he has my vote. I can’t think of a better Minnesotan to be Governor right now.