Pawlenty on Sunday circuit

Gov. Pawlenty will hit the Sunday talk show circuit again today. He’s scheduled to be on CNN’s State of the Union this morning.

Update: Pawlenty said it was too early to judge President Obama’s time in office but raised questions about federal spending, climate change bill and health care legislation.

He also said “I don’t know what the future holds” when asked if he’s running for president. CNN anchor John King said at the top of the interview that “Close associates of Tim Pawlenty have urged activists and reporters to add Pawlenty to that list (2012) list too.”

Pawlenty said he expects a “ruling any day now” from the Minnesota Supreme Court on Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race. He said he’s prepared to sign the election certificate “as soon as the court gives me the green light.”

Pawlenty also weighed in on the situation regarding South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. He said he was happy to see Sanford’s wife not standing by his side at Sanford’s news conference.

I’ll put up the transcript when it’s available. Forget the transcripts. Here’s the video from his appearance.

  • Ben

    TP sure can be unctuous and smarmy. ‘We don’t do that in America’? The gov’t competes regularly w/ the private sector, does it not? Tax incentives? Really? Educate the public about health care choices? This is not a plan which would make the slightest dent in our health care fiasco. As an RN in MN, I know our HC (health care) system is sick, and TP’s budget cuts are making it worse. Most industrialized countries now have some form of nationalized HC, and most are also proud of it. And when the republicans put us further in debt to go to war and cut taxes on the rich it was ok, but to create a greener, fairer, more just society it is not ok because it is socialism? And you call Obama irresponsible? King’s soft ball questions were a pathetic attempt at journalism. At least TP said he’d seat whoever the state supreme court decides on – let’s hold him to his word…. and thank goodness he is not running for gov again! Let’s see how he’d do against Obama!