Pawlenty hits the national circuit

Gov. Pawlenty didn’t have any public events on his schedule yesterday or today. But he did appear on two national cable TV outlets. On Fox News, Pawlenty was asked about the auto industry, 2012 and whether he would issue the election certificate in Minnesota’s Senate race:

On MSNBC, Pawlenty talked about his political future, the seating of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and the other possible 2012 candidates:

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  • Ralf

    It may be totally bogus, but Sarah Palin was spotted at MSP today. There is good reason to believe she changed planes here en route AK-DC (she is confirmed to be headed there). Maybe she and the Gov met during his uncalendared day???

  • Bruce

    Can TPaw squeeze “nationalization” into his talking points one more time?