NRSC goes all-in

AP says the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has spent nearly $1 million in the last month alone to help Republican Norm Coleman’s court challenge:

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – The fundraising committee for Senate Republicans has invested heavily in Norm Coleman’s ongoing battle in Minnesota, including about $938,000 last month alone.

A new campaign report from the National Republican Senatorial Committee shows it paid almost $600,000 in legal bills for the former senator and gave home-state Republicans $300,000 toward the effort.

Coleman is awaiting word from Minnesota’s Supreme Court on whether Democrat Al Franken’s 312-vote lead will stand. The race has languished nearly eight months beyond Election Day.

The NRSC raised about $250,000 in May toward the Minnesota recount, mostly in $30,000 checks.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee didn’t itemize its Minnesota-related expenses. That committee reported raising $282,000 in contributions earmarked for the recount.

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  • George Hayduke

    Did the NRSC itemize how much of that was paid to Michael Brodkorb?

  • Frank T

    Mr. Scheck, you might consider running spellcheck before you post stuff. I mention this because I like Polinaut but there are a lot of people who might get turned off of it (or turned off of blogs in general) when they see the word “Senatoriacl”.

  • peter hill

    Tom, I’m concerned with the editorial tone of this piece. a tone you may not have intended. Yes, compared to your paycheck or the prices at Dairy Queen, $938,000 is a lot of money. But considering a more relevant comparison, the billions of dollars Republican lobby interests accrue by keeping Al Franken out of the Senate, the sums spent on the Coleman contest amount to pocket change.

    Considered in this larger context, the headline “NRSC goes all-in” and the phrase “has invested heavily” are misleading. The NRSC is spending what’s necessary to delay Franken’s induction – no less and no more. Had the price been several times higher, the NRSC would willingly have paid that amount, too. As a business proposition, the ROI of this $938,000 investment is one rarely achievable in either politics or the private sector. Thus, a more neutral headline might be “NRSC finds Coleman suit worth funding”

  • Jamaica

    It sounds as though Mr Coleman can afford to pay the $97K he owes the Franken campaign.

    Or does that go into escrow?

    As Mr Coleman has no gainful employment & owes far more than his house is worth.

    Are they more afraid that Franken wins, or that he loses & potentially writes another book about the escapade?