Emmer drops leadership bid, considers gov run

GOP state Rep. Tom Emmer of Delano says he’s decided against running for Republican House Minority Leader and will instead support GOP state Rep. Kurt Zellers of Maple Grove for the position. Emmer said he can’t dedicate the time for the GOP leadership position”

“The leader of our caucus cannot continue to promote him or herself in terms of their own political future. They have to be selfless, they have to work on behalf of the caucus and they have to make a significant commitment of time and attention to the job. As I told you, over the last few weeks, as I went through the process, right now, I can’t make that decision in light of other decisions I’m going to make.”

Emmer later said that some of those options including a run for governor. When asked if that was on the table, Emmer said, “Let’s just say I’m not ruling that out.”

  • George Hayduke

    When the likes of Tom Emmer are considered gubernatorial material, that shows how far off the deep end the Minnesota GOP has plunged. Have you ever watched this piece of work on the House floor? He’d give Mark Olsen a good challenge for “Most Whacked” legislator ever. Really makes you wonder about the various “syndromes” that have been rumored in those parts over the years.