Democrats respond

3:22 PM: Exit, stage left. Press conference over.

3:20 PM: Clark: state employees “swallowed hard,” and “stepped forward to help… My guess is that we’re going to see our teachers and other public employees working together, as well.” She says state needs to be a more responsible fiscal manager and reduce overhead.

3:15 PM: Clark says St. Cloud State will lose $5 million, lose jobs, increase class size.

3:12 PM: Clark says “The scope of it. The size of it, is far larger than anyone would have imagined.” She adds that the General Assistance Medical Care cut isn’t just impacting the poorest of the poor and the sickest of the sick, but “good paying, private sector jobs.”

3:10 PM: Assistant Senate Majority Leader Tarryl Clark is responding in Room 125 at the Capitol. “Any other governor would have come back and said, let’s negotiate. When two sides can’t agree, sometimes they walk away, but they come back.”

She says a one-day special session would have been better.

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