Brod on unallotment

GOP state Rep. Laura Brod gave her take on Gov. Pawlenty’s unallotment plan on her Facebook page:

Governor Pawlenty’s unallotment plans announced today. We reached this point because the legislative leadership refused to reform and modernize state government. They wanted to keep spending at unsustainable levels and raise taxes, a terrible solution given the state of the economy. Gov. targeted reductions to ensure small rural hospitals keep their doors open through the recession.

Brod is one of several candidates running for governor.

  • David Bly

    There is nothing ‘modern’ about refusing to invest in the future. This is the message of the Tax Payer’s League and the Republicans – the belief that we can have a good society and not have to pay for it. The legislature offered the Governor a balanced approach to the budget crisis, he and is adherent’s refused to work with us. The Governor will cut and run leaving the mess for everyone else to clean up after him.