The Daily Digest: 5-7-09

Conference committees have a midnight deadline to finish their work. No one thinks they’ll make the self-imposed deadline. Budget negotiations are stalled. The Pi Press, The St. Paul Legal Ledger, the Star Tribune, AP and MPR have stories.

DFL Sen. Tom Bakk reportedly broke up negotiations on the Tax Conference Committee to attend the Billy Joel/Elton John concert.

A bill limiting internet access to sex offenders is on its way to Gov. Pawlenty. The Star Tribune and AP have stories.

Minnesota lawmakers are pushing a flood relief plan.

The primary seatbelt bill is headed to the House floor.

Gov. Pawlenty threatens to veto the Xcel Energy loan plan.

Pawlenty says he’s excited about Brett Favre possibly coming to the Vikings. That and a quarter of a billion dollars may get the Vikings a new stadium.

$130 million in stimulus money is coming to Minnesota to help the unemployed.

There’s a hearing today on plans to replace St. Paul’s Lafayette Bridge.

The House passed a bill that further defines when a person is “missing.”

Some Native Americans promise to fight the construction of an oil pipeline in Minnesota.

Gov. Pawlenty will cast the line early this year.


President Obama seeks $17 billion in budget cuts but will boost some domestic spending.

The White House releases the stress tests on the nation’s banks and some may need more money.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz makes a speech calling for recognition of the Armenian genocide.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson rips the Obama Administration over the greenhouse gas plan.

GOP Rep. John Kline wants to fully fund special education.

Newspaper advocates address a Senate panel on the struggles facing the industry. Klobuchar is mentioned.

Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank will try to undo an amendment offered by GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann. The amendment would prohibit taxpayer funding for ACORN.

2008 Race for U.S. Senate

Democrat Al Franken met with Vice-President Joe Biden. The Pi Press says it’s a signal that the White House wants Franken elected.

2010 Race for Congress

Democrats El Tinklenberg and Maureen Reed both say they’ll challenge GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann.

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