Senate sends Medical Marijuana bill to Gov. Pawlenty

The Minnesota Senate voted 38 to 28 in favor of a bill that would allow terminally ill patients to use marijuana to treat their pain. The bill is now headed to Gov. Pawlenty who has previously said he would veto the legislation.

Here’s the Roll Call:

DFLers voting yes

Anderson, Bakk, Berglin, Betzold, Bonoff, Carlson, Chaudhary, Clark, Cohen, Dahle, Dibble, Doll, Erickson Ropes, Foley, Higgins, Kelash, Latz, Loury, Marty, Metzen, Moua, Murphy, Pappas, Pogemiller, Prettner Solon, Rest, Rummel, Saltzman, Scheid, Sheran, Seiben, Tomassoni, Torres Ray, Wiger

Republicans voting yes

Johnson, Koering, Michel, Vandeveer

DFLers voting no

Fobbe, Kubly, Langseth, Lynch, Olseen, M. Olson, Saxhaug, Skoe, Skogen, Sparks, Stumpf, Vickerman

Republicans voting no

Day, Dille, Fischbach, Frederickson, Gerlach, Gimse, Hann, Ingenbrigtsen, Jungbauer, Koch, Limmer, Ortman, Pariseau, Robling, Rosen, Senjem,

  • M. E.

    “Terminally ill”? Aren’t there LEGAL narcotics out there that would help with this???

  • Karl

    As if anyone terminally ill really gives a rat’s arse about breaking the law. This bill is a shell of what it should be and it won’t be any great loss if Pawlenty vetoes it. The Democrats have caved once again to the wingnuts and cops, and the same people who are acquiring and using pot illegally now to relieve their pain and suffering will continue to do so–no thanks to the gutless DFL and heartless governor.

  • John Magnusson

    I think some people with chronic pain would like to get away from using the the opiods, if possible, is why medical marijuana has some appeal. Also with the opiods they require more and more to get the same relief. I don’t believe that is so with marijuana. So, it would be a less toxic way to relieve pain.

  • Jeff Young

    I can understand to a point the veiws of people that are opposed to the medical marijuana bill.Still with understanding those veiws I still have not been provided with factual evidence against medical marijuana.The only thing I read or hear is based on law enforcement opinion.I have however done my own research.I’ve concluded that marijuana is one of the safest things known to man.I encourage people to do their own research.I encourage people to look up Hebrew University.Read,keep reading and ask yourself why your government is opposed.This is the same Government that wants you to believe Lee Harvey Oswald assasinated J.F.K. P.S. Follow the money trail.