KSTP/Survey USA: Dayton fares best

The KSTP/Survey USA poll finds that former U.S. Senator Mark Dayton fares the best among DFLers in head to head match-ups with GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Pawlenty has not said whether he’ll run for reelection. Some of the DFL candidates are officially in the race others aren’t. It’s 18 months until election day.

KSTP’s Tom Hauser has a story on the poll.

Here are the results:

47% Pawlenty (R)

43% Dayton (DFL)

10% Undecided

47% Pawlenty (R)

42% R.T. Rybak (DFL)

11% Undecided

48% Pawlenty (R)

37% Chris Coleman (DFL)

15% Undecided

51% Pawlenty (R)

37% Matt Entenza (DFL)

12% Undecided

50% Pawlenty (R)

36% Susan Gaertner (DFL)

14% Undecided

52% Pawlenty (R)

34% Tom Bakk (DFL)

14% Undecided

51% Pawlenty (R)

34% John Marty (DFL)

15% Undecided

51% Pawlenty (R)

34% Margaret Anderson Kelliher (DFL)

15% Undecided

51% Pawlenty (R)

32% Paul Thissen (DFL)

17% Undecided

  • Pretty much the most pointless survey KSTP has done thus far.

  • Chris

    I think it’s interesting, although I suspect a lot of these results are pretty soft and due to name recognition.

    What I’m not looking forward to are all the commenters on liberal blogs who’ve already picked a candidate using these results to scream at each other. (Of course, most of them seem to support Thissen or Marty, so maybe they’ll be aiming their ire at the poll itself.)

  • Jim

    Poor conservative right; seems all they can do lately is whine and cry the blues EVEN when their poster child is leading.

  • Daniel

    Go John Marty! This is a good sign for the only candidate that I support, Senator John Marty! People are starting to recognize that he and his campaign are the real deal. If anyone has attended recent political events with Gubernatorial Candidates, they have seen that Marty almost always has the largest number of supporters and they are (by far) the most passionate and enthusiastic. I’m confident Marty will emerge as the best choice to defeat Pawelenty-and he may be the only Democrat that actually can. John is someone that Democrats AND Independents/Greens can rally behind. He’s different-he is the ONLY candidate that offers an actual plan to enact a Single-Payer Health Care in MN. That in itself is reason enough to elect him Governor, but there is a lot more to him than that. He has been a very well respected progressive-common sense voice in the State Senate for over twenty years. He’s been the champion on ethics reform, campaign finance reform, environmental protection, equality, fair and progressive taxes and so much more. He’s also (rightfully) been among the most vocal opponents to recent cuts to Health & Human Services and Education-while offering intelligent and visionary alternatives to balance the budget. He walks the walk, yet it’s not about him. It’s about standing up for our shared values. That’s why he has my full support! This poll demonstrates Marty’s growing popularity and momentum. Watch for him to continue to rise on these polls as we get closer to 2010. The Marty for MN Movement is picking up serious momentum!