Democrats in the 6th prepare for 2010

Two DFLers in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District say they intend to challenge GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann in 2010. Maureen Reed, who ran for Lt. Gov. as an Independence Party member in 2006, said she intends to run as a DFLer. Elwyn Tinklenberg, who Bachmann defeated in 2008, said he’s also making another run. You can read my story here.

If you’re interested, I also recorded brief interviews with Reed, Tinklenberg and Bachmann’s campaign manager Michelle Marston.

Here’s Reed’s interview:

Here’s Tinklenberg’s interview:

Here’s Marston’s interview:

By the way, Bachmann is scheduled to appear on Fox News with Neil Cavuto this afternoon at 3:30. I’m told the focus will be on taxpayer funding for ACORN.