The Fix: It makes little sense for Pawlenty to run for gov if he runs in 2012

The Fix gives some analysis and perspective on why Gov. Pawlenty may delay signing an election certificate declaring Al Franken the winner of the U.S. Senate race. The reason: It helps him with the GOP base. He also wrote that it makes little sense for him to run for a third term:

That said, if Pawlenty wants to be a serious contender for president in 2012, it makes little sense for him to run for reelection as he narrowly escaped defeat in 2006 against a lackluster Democratic nominee (former state Attorney General Mike Hatch) and, given Minnesota’s decided shift toward Democrats in recent elections, it’s hard to imagine his odds at a third term would be any better than 50-50. A loss in 2010 would doom him for 2012 — see: Allen, George.

  • Jon Fistler

    Wow, what a dillema. If he runs for reelection there’s a very real chance he could lose. But if he does not run, how does he stay relevent? What importance nationally does a former governor of a flyover state hold?

    A couple months ago I read an article about a big Republican convention where there was a presidential straw poll. Pawlenty was amonst the also-rans, and did not even get a mention in the body of the discussion.