Pawlenty tries to rally troops

Gov. Pawlenty just sent out a mass e-mail to supporters calling for their help to speak out against the tax increases being proposed by DFLers in the House and Senate. Here’s the text of the e-mail:

Dear Friends:

Over the last few days, DFL legislators made good on their promise to pass sweeping tax increases on most Minnesotans.

A few “lowlights” from the bills they passed include:

  • Across the board income tax increases.
  • New income tax bracket which would be the 4th highest in the country. Plus, other tax rate changes that would give Minnesota not just one, but two of the top ten income tax rates in the country!!
  • Elimination of tax deductions for home mortgage interest, charitable contributions, child care and even expenses related to organ donations.
  • Tax increases on music downloads, alcohol, and cigarettes.
  • Elimination of the property tax cap enacted last year.

I am deeply disappointed Democrats would increase taxes when Minnesotans are facing such challenging times. I will veto these tax increases. Minnesotans pay enough in taxes and government should be focusing on tightening its belt, not raising taxes.

You can help support my position by calling your legislator or writing a letter to the editor. Turn up the volume against these sweeping tax increases.

The budget I submitted cuts spending overall by about 4% while maintaining funding for key priorities like veterans programs and public safety.

I also proposed a job-creating plan that includes cutting Minnesota’s business tax rate in half, from 9.8% to 4.8%. Minnesota has the 3rd highest business tax rate in the world!!

I will need your help more than ever over the next few weeks. Please call your legislator or write a letter to the editor expressing your concern over the DFL’s massive tax increases. With your help, we will stop the DFL’s bad ideas and position Minnesota to be a more job-friendly state.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Tim Pawlenty



    I apprieciate your valient efforts to stop this democratic circus to raise taxes. I have “x” amount of dollars in my checking account that I have to live on each month . Why cant the democrats in office live within their means as well!!!!!