Bachmann blitz continues

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will continue her media blitz this week. Her campaign says she’s scheduled to be on Glenn Beck tonight (4pm Central) and Fox and Friends tomorrow (7:15 Central).

  • LindaGImAddicted

    It is amazing to me that this woman, one of very little substance and no facts to validate her crazy lunacy, gets this much press coverage. The Republicans need fewer extremist kooks like Ann Coulter, Rush Bimbo, and Michele Bachmann’s; they to understand what “teabagging” is in 2009 (check your urban dictionary- GEEZ!) & also need to quit whining about counting to find 316 or so invalid absentee ballots for Coleman, and worry about the over 5 million Minnesotans without representation. We need 2 senators- why isn’t Bachmann part of the solution instead of part of the problem?

    Limelight is fun, Michele, but you aren’t a star. You represent some Minnesota Nice folks- for now, anyway. Why don’t you try to help us out HERE??

  • Karl

    Any word on when she’s going to meet with her constituents and respond to THEIR concerns rather than Glenn Beck’s or Sean Hannity’s?