Governor Pawlenty had an informal sitdown with reporters today to talk about the tentative settlement with the state employee unions, tax policy, the budget and his new twitter page (BTW, he started following boatloads of people today). You can listen to Pawlenty’s comments here: The DFL House and Senate Tax Chairs were on MPR’s Midday Read more

Former DFL House Minority Leader Matt Entenza officially announced his candidacy for governor this morning in Worthington. He made the announcement at his old high school and was flanked by family and friends. Here’s his speech: MPR’s Mark Steil asked Entenza a few questions after the announcement. Entenza said: He would abide by the party’s Read more

DFL Rep. Ann Lenczewski and DFL Sen. Tom Bakk will be on MPR’s Midday at 11 AM to discuss their respective tax bills and state tax policy. The House tax plan increases income taxes on wealthy Minnesotans and increases alcohol and cigarette taxes. The Senate plan increases income taxes on every Minnesotan.