Hail mary? You bet…

GOP Rep. Tom Hackbarth has introduced legislation that would ask voters if a metro area casino should be built and the revenue to be used to build a new Vikings stadium. Here’s the proposal.

Republican Representative Tom Hackbarth, of Cedar, said he’s making the proposal to help break the logjam on the Vikings stadium issue.

“I’ve got a lot of constituents that want to see a new Vikings stadium but mostly I have constituents who don’t want tax dollars going to build that stadium. This is a good alternative. Allow one privately owned casino in the metropolitan area. Pass a constitutional amendment that would allow that to happen and then that license for that casino would go to buy a new stadium for the Vikings…”

Hackbarth’s proposal is the first attempt at reconciling the Vikings stadium issue. He says he has not checked with the Vikings to see whether they support the plan. Vikings owner Zygi Wilf has been lobbying for public funding for a new stadium, saying the stadium issue needs to be resolved soon. The Vikings lease on the Metrodome expires in 2011.

  • peter hill

    Just to be clear, the way this guy thinks the way we should resolve a $5 billion state budget deficit is for the State of Minnesota to go into competition with existing Minnesota businesses (casinos) and turn the profits over to a New York Billionaire? Did I miss anything in there?

    I think the pea is under the middle shell. What do you think?

  • Karl

    Where’s the “logjam” over a Vikings stadium? Maybe it’s between Hackbarth’s ears and that’s what preventing him from hearing the resounding “NO” from taxpayers.

  • Justin

    Can’t he just make a bill for us to vote on whether or not the vikings should get a new stadium at all? If we say yes to the casino, the casino will be built and complete with other businesses. If we say no, then its paid with taxes.

    If we just get to vote on having a new stadium or not, its much clearer what happens if we say yes or no.

    The vikings are just jealous anyway because the Twins got a new stadium. We don’t need to be raising taxes to pay for an overly expensive stadium anyways, let the vikings pay for it out of their own salaries. No doubt if that were the case they wouldn’t be so quick for a new stadium.