DSCC ramps up pressure on Pawlenty

The Washington Post has picked up on “When/will Gov. Pawlenty issue the election certificate in Minnesota’s long-running U.S. Senate race?” Pawlenty has repeatedly said that he will issue the election certificate when the law requires him to do so but has also hedged to say a judge could forbid him from issuing the certificate until the appeals are complete on the federal level.

The DSCC’s Eric Schultz, who coincidentally worked for Al Franken’s Senate campaign, said this about Pawlenty:

“Republicans have made it clear they will hold this Senate seat hostage in order to pursue their political agenda – at the hefty expense of Minnesota having full representation in Congress,” says DSCC spokesman Eric Schultz. “Governor Pawlenty has said that Minnesota is suffering from not having two senators. Governor Pawlenty ought to make clear that if former Senator Coleman chooses to appeal the outcome of the contest in the state Supreme Court that this is the end of the road — and that, consistent with the law, he will certify Al Franken the winner following that state court appeal.”

  • Kathy

    It is a shame that Pawlenty and the Coleman group are willing to throw the needs of the people out the window with the babies bathwater…..

    Al Franken has won, Minnesota is a state that takes pride in their election process.

    We must not forget Coleman’s speech the night of the election, he told Franken to move on.

    WELL, COLEMAN NEEDS TO MOVE ON….Pawlenty’s poll numbers are dropping and come 2010, based on the actions of the GOP/RNC the Republican Party will lose again…..and they can only blame themselves….obstructionists…….SOB’s