DFL Senate targets

Senate DFLers will hold a news conference later today to discuss “honest budget principles to balance the budget.” The plan that Senate Democrats are considering would cut $2.1 billion in programs with nearly half coming from E-12 education. The plan would also include $1.1 billion in K-12shifts and calls for $2 billion in unspecified “new revenue.” What is uncertain is how much of the money will be spared from the expected federal stimulus money. For example, DFL Sen. Leroy Stumpf of Plummer said he expects the $952 million in E-12 cuts to be offset with as much as $650 million in federal stimulus money.

Here are the targets created by Matt Massman with Senate Fiscal Staff…

Planning Solutions

K12 shift – $1.1 billion

New Resources – $2 billion

Total Cuts – $2.156 billion

E-12 Education $952 million

Higher Education – $193 million

Health and Human Services – $627

Ag/Veterans – $26 million

Environment, Energy anmd Natural Resources – $21 million

Economic Development and Housing – $20 million

Public Safety – $36

Judiciary – – $24 million

Transportation – 12 million

State Government – $35 million

Tax Aids and Credits – $210 million

Increase in the budget reserve – $500 million

While this isn’t the final Senate offer, it is the opening salvo in what could be a long budget discussion. In past years, Senate Democrats have used a strategy of promising deep cuts in education with the hopes of garnering support for a tax increase.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem said the plan is misguided and is concerned about the use of “new revenue.” GOP House Minority Leader Marty Seifert said it’s “the worst of both worlds. A massive tax increase and a massive cut in education.”

Gov. Pawlenty’s initial budget proposal uses one-time money, shifts and cuts to balance the budget. He’ll release a supplemental budget soon. House DFLers have yet to propose a budget.

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