The Senate DFL released their budget plan and it’s slightly different than the plan circulating around earlier this week. The cuts are deeper because it doesn’t include the K12 funding shift anymore. Here are the details: Cuts E-12 Education – $973 million Higher Education – $221 million Health and Human Services – $719 million Agriculture Read more

The Minnesota House unanimously passed a resolution today supporting freedom of the press and freedom of expression. The resolution also upholds “the long-standing tradition of the Minnesota House of Representatives with regard to press access to committee meetings and floor sessions.” House Minority Leader Marty Seifert, R-Marshall, raised the issue in response to reports that Read more

Senate DFLers will hold a news conference later today to discuss “honest budget principles to balance the budget.” The plan that Senate Democrats are considering would cut $2.1 billion in programs with nearly half coming from E-12 education. The plan would also include $1.1 billion in K-12shifts and calls for $2 billion in unspecified “new Read more