The State of the State blueprint

Gov. Pawlenty will deliver his State of the State speech on Thursday at noon. MPR News will provide live radio coverage of the speech.

Since this is the governor’s seventh State of the State, there have been some familiar talking points that he’s relied upon.

Here’s a handy dandy checklist (which you can mark off if/when the items come up):

1) He will use the term “innovation.”

2) He will mention a hard working entrepreneur who was down on his/her luck but then turned that luck into something groundbreaking (Medtronic, Mayo Clinic, Sister Kenney, etc.).

3) He will bring up the term “shared sacrifice.”

4) He will single out an individual in the audience for inspiration.

5) He will mention the cold weather as something that Minnesotans can shrug off, but turn serious and say it’s a challenge we need to overcome to attract jobs.

6) He will criticize the state’s tax policy.

7) He will highlight something that is/will be “nation leading.”

8) He will showcase the strength and spirt of Minnesotans.

9) He will bring up a well known Minnesotan (Charles Lindbergh, Kirby Puckett, etc.).

10) He will mention Minnesota’s high rankings in health care, education, etc.

11) He will mention at least one Minnesota Fortune 500 Company.

12) He’ll blame the economic mess on the national climate.

13) He will threaten to use his veto authority.

14) He will say the economy can’t sustain a tax increase of any kind.

15) He will mention a successful Minnesota system but will then call for “needed reform” to the system (K12 schools, health care rates).

16) He will talk about the Ipod generation.

17) He will mention an important part of Minnesota history.

18) He will appoint a task force or a commission.

19) He’ll use the phrase “job killer” in relationship to taxes.

20) He’ll use the term “unsustainable spending.”

21) He’ll criticize attempts to add money to the state’s credit card.

22) He will quote a bible verse.

23) He’ll warn against being complacent.

24) He’ll mention the sacrifices of previous generations.

25) He’ll mention Democratic governors from other states who don’t want to raise taxes.

26) He’ll mention veterans or those in serve in the military.

27) Not only does he mention the military, he will point out a service member in the gallery for a standing ovation.

28) He’ll mention Tom Friedman, Peter Drucker or another “big thinker.”

29) He will say something like “The state needs to tighten its belt, just like families have to do…”

30) He will propose a “21st Century education reform.”

31) He will use the phrase “veto pen.”

32) He will ask God to bless the State of Minnesota.

In a rebuttal…

1) Democrats will say the speech didn’t offer specifics.

2) They will say he is turning his backs on the poor, school children, hard working Minnesotans.

3) They will call for a “balanced approach” to the budget.

4) They will say his speech was more style than substance.

5) They will say he’s running for President.

6) They will heartily avoid questions about their intent to raise taxes.

7) They will call for him to be more engaged with the Legislature.

8) They will say the governor didn’t offer any new ideas and will call other proposals “rehashed.”

9) They will ask that he doesn’t wait until the last minute to strike a budget deal.

10) They will talk about job creation as their main focus.

11) They will call for public meetings.

12) They will encourage him to provide them with details of their budget proposal.

13) They will also ask for the budget to be provided in “bill form.”

14) They will call on Pawlenty to be less political/partisan.

15) They will say they really, really want to work with the governor, not clash with him.

Question of the Day:

Are we missing any?

UPDATE: See how we did in the comments section.

  • Kevin

    I like #6.

  • Sarah

    Schecky, you’ve just created a rockin’ drinking game! too bad the speech is at noon and not 8pm.

  • LK

    Does T-Paw’s opening joke count for #17?

  • Tom Scheck

    Keeping Score

    It looks like we’ve hit on 23 or so themes from the Governor’s State of the State. Here’s what we nailed/touched on:

    1) He mentioned Innovation

    2) He mentioned Sister Antonia McHugh who built the College of St. Catherine from almost nothing.

    3) He singled out an individual in the audience (Chad Malmberg and First Lady Mary Pawlenty).

    4) He mentioned cold weather as a barrier.

    5) He criticized the state’s tax policy

    6) He brought up a nation leading program

    7) He brought up the strength and spirit of minnesotans

    8) He mentioned a well known Minnesotan (well, John Johnson and Sister Antonia McHugh ain’t too well known). Half point

    9) Mentioned the high education scores.

    10) He didn’t bring up a Fortune 500 company but he mentioned corporate tax cuts and a Finnish Company that invested here.

    11) He said the job losses we see in Minnesota are related to the national economy.

    12) Can’t sustain a tax increase

    13) Schools are good but need to be better

    14) He didn’t mention Ipod generation but he brought up online learning (half point)

    15) He brought up an important part of Minnesota history (john johnson may be a bit sketchy for even the state’s historians). quarter point.

    16) Health care costs are unsustainable.

    17) He didn’t quote a bible verse but he did invoke God.

    18) He warned against being complacent – we can’t be so in love with the past that we miss the future

    19) He mentioned veterans

    20) He even singled out Chad Malmberg

    21) He said the state needs to tighten its belt just like families (see kitchen table).

    22) He proposed the Teacher transformation act but didn’t call it a 21st Century education reform.

    23) He asked God to bless the State of Minnesota.

    We hit a bunch from the DFL side as well:

    1) They said the speech didn’t offer specifics

    2) They said he was ignoring people at the kitchen table who were struggling to pay their health care bills or mortgage.

    3) Shocked that he didn’t highlight a “shared sacrifice” (which could be categorized as a balanced approach).

    4) Pogemiller said his wage freeze on state workers was “gimmicks.”

    5) They said it was more style than substance.

    6) They didn’t mention his political aspiration but said his focus on veterans was a national issue (quarter point).

    7) They didn’t avoid the tax question but said all options are on the table.

    8) They said he should work with the Legislature

    9) They didn’t say he didn’t have any new ideas in the newser but did later (half point)

    10) They said job creation/job retention is the their top focus.

    11) They didn’t call for public meetings but did bring up his comments from a private meeting (eighth of a point).

    12 ) They said they will have to wait and see greater budget specifics

    13) They called on Pawlenty to be less partisan

    14) they said they want to work with the governor.