ENPR: Some Republicans quietly hoping Coleman gives up

The Evans Novak Political Report said in its latest issue that some Republicans are quietly hoping Coleman gives up his fight. Here’s the synopsis from the conservative group:

Minnesota: Both sides continue to fight in the razor-tight Senate race, but the tension is subsiding as it increasingly appears inevitable that the Democrat will be seated.

When comedian Al Franken (D) asked Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) to certify him as a winner, Pawlenty said no, pointing to the state law that prohibits the governor and the secretary of state from declaring a winner while an election contest is ongoing. The Democratic secretary of the state has agreed with Pawlenty. Franken has gone to the state supreme court to appeal this application of the law.

Coleman, meanwhile presses forward with his contest of the election results. While possible improprieties were many and the canvassing board’s nearly unanimous record of coming down in favor of Franken looks suspect, it’s hard to see how Coleman could come out ahead. Indeed, some Republicans are quietly hoping Coleman will give up the fight.

In the meantime, Minnesota has only one senator. Democrats in the upper chamber haven’t shown a rush to seat Franken, seeing his eventual certification as imminent.

Meanwhile, a group of Republican voters held a news conference today to say they intend to file a lawsuit calling on the courts to ensure no double counting occurred.

MPR’s Curtis Gilbert also analyzes whether the election was stolen.

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