Daily Digest: 1-9-09


Senate Dems may seat Al Franken before the legal challenges are resolved.

Some voters are receiving letters saying that their absentee ballots were rejected.

The campaigns’ legal teams are prepping for the election contest.

A new poll shows that almost half of Minnesotans think Norm Coleman should concede.

And Franken is already facing low approval ratings.

A filing in Texas seeks to postpone lawsuit tied to Coleman.

Lawmakers will push for runoffs in close elections.

State and Local Government

Minn. Senate panel unanimously recommends Tom Sorel as Transportation Commissioner.

MPR and Met Council continue wrangling over light rail. MPR and PiPress have stories.

Minn. nursing homes are asking the Legislature for more aid.

The University is asking for lower budget cuts.

The state’s unemployment fund is running out of money.

Minneapols Mayor R.T. Rybak reacts to President-elect Obama’s economic plan.

Stillwater is forming a citizen budget committee to deal with fiscal issues.

Congress and Obama

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is urging Congress to delay the transition to digital TV.

Tom Daschle is on his way to being confirmed.

Obama fills out his defense team.

Unemployment hits a 16-year high.

And former Senator Larry Craig will no longer try to withdraw his guilty plea.

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