Coleman wants trial to start on February 9th.

Republican Norm Coleman wants the trial regarding his election contest to start on February 9th. In court papers filed today, the Coleman campaign also requested that the trial occur in stages. Campaign attorneys also want wrongly rejected absentee ballots to be the first issue taken up.

  • George

    Sure, well why not wait until May or June? It’s pretty cold outside and getting to the courthouse might be hazardous for the attorneys. Better to wait and be safe!

  • Pat

    Minn. Stat. section 209.065 says “The contest proceedings must be brought on for trial…as soon as practicable within 20 days after the filing of the notice of contest.” The words “brought on for trial” to a trial lawyer mean the trial starts, so the trial should start on January 26. Coleman’s proposed schedule has the trial starting February 9. I suppose his legal team believes that their motions and pre-trial hearings proposed for January 21 and after mean they are in compliance with 209.065. I suggest they are trying to gain an extra 2 weeks of discovery.