The Daily Digest: 12-22-08

Democrat Al Franken has the latest lead in the recount.

The State Canvassing Board meets again on Tuesday to award the withdrawn challenged ballots.

The Minnesota Supreme Court will also hold a hearing this week on Coleman’s latest ballot challenge.

The Pi Press takes a look at what it will take to declare a winner.

State Budget

Gov. Pawlenty targeted LGA and higher ed in his unallotment plans.

The Pi Press says police and fire budgets are targeted at cities across the state.

Hospitals also feel the effect of budget cuts.

The Star Tribune says the Iron Range’s fast fall follows a boom.


Stocks are bracing for a tough week.

Trade barriers are toughening with the global slump.

The Washington Post says welfare rolls are growing.

The New York Times says President Bush’s homeownership policy fueled the crisis.

A New York Times critic says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s appearance on MSNBC is one of the year’s most memorable TV moments.


President-elect Obama raises his jobs target.

ABC News says Obama’s chief of staff to be had one call to Illinois’ governor.

Obama is set to release the Blagojevich report.

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