The Daily Digest: 12-18-08

The State Canvassing Board begins Day 3 of reviewing ballots. They are now moving with assembly line efficiency.

The board finished with Franken’s challenges and move on to Coleman’s challenges. One issue to arise is the fate of duplicate ballots. GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s campaign is arguing that double voting has occurred. MPR, the Pi Press, the Star Tribune, Forum Communications and MinnPost have stories.

The campaigns (and the public) are also waiting for the Minnesota Supreme Court to rule on the fate of rejected absentee ballots. A hearing was held on the matter yesterday. MPR, the Pi Press, the Star Tribune, AP, KARE and Forum Communications have stories.

The Star Tribune says the recount has pointed out cases for needed reform.

WCCO takes a look at money raised for the recount.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman will use campaign funds to pay his legal fees.

State Budget

Gov. Pawlenty to announce his cuts on Friday. LGA and Higher Ed cuts are on the table. MPR, the Pi Press and AP have stories.

Schools are making cuts ahead of state action.


The Minneapolis Federal Reserve says 2009’s economic outlook looks bad.

State Government

A push for same sex marriage is coming in 2009.

The Public Safety Department will now revoke driver’s licenses after failing to do so after losing information found many in a computer shuffle.


Minnesota’s delegation mostly voted along party lines.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison travels to Fargo, ND to fight for 23 workers from India who were jailed for allegedly holding false documents.

Stu Rothenberg lists some Minnesota candidates in his year end awards (GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, GOP Rep.-elect Erik Paulsen and DFLer El Tinklenberg).


President-elect Obama is set to tap GOP Rep. Ray LaHood of Illinois as Transportation Secretary.

He also picks Mary Schapiro to head the SEC.

President Bush invites Obama to lunch with all of the former presidents.

Gay rights advocates are angry that Obama selected Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren to deliver his invocation at the inauguration.

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