The Daily Digest: 12-16-08

The State Canvassing Board meets today to start examining the challenged ballots. The Star Tribune, MPR, Forum Communications, the Pi Press, CQ and AP have stories.

The Minnesota Supreme Court intervenes in the recount and will hold oral arguments on wrongly rejected absentee ballots on Wednesday. AP, MPR and the Pi Press have stories.

Olmsted County will open and count wrongly rejected absentees today. St. Louis County has 137 wrongly rejected absentees but officials won’t open and count them until they hear from the courts.

Coleman and Franken joust before the hearing.

Norm Coleman lawyers up as federal investigators look into a supporter.

State Government

Standard and Poor’s Chief Economist says states may need to consider raising taxes and cutting spending to erase deficits.

State budget cuts could begin by the end of the week. MPR and the Pi Press have stories.

The League of Minnesota Cities releases its list of city by city cuts and Minneapolis won’t fare well. The Star Tribune and Forum Communications have stories.

MPR has a fascinating story on how a Minnesota man is fighting electroconvulsive therapy.

Minnesota AG Lori Swanson settles with an Iowa insurer.

Gov. Pawlenty meets with Israeli leaders during his trip to Israel.

He also talks up biofuels during the trip and visited Jerusalem.


Obama is officially elected. KARE takes a look at Minnesota’s Electoral College.

The Obamas and Bidens will travel by train to the inauguration.

Colorado Gov. Ken Salazar will head Interior.

Chicago Schools Chief Arne Duncan will be named Education Commissioner.

The New York Times says the Obama team has a hard task on energy.


Bloomberg says DFL Rep. Colin Peterson is proposing a bill for a credit swaps clearinghouse.

Congress is seeking funding for high speed rail between Washington D.C. and New York City. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is mentioned.

Oberstar also inserts himself into a controversial wind farm project in New England.


It’s one day late but Happy Anniversary, Philadelphia. You chucked snowballs at Santa 40 years ago!

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