The Daily Digest: 12-10-08

The Pi Press quotes a source saying the FBI is investigating Nasser Kazeminy, who is a friend to Norm Coleman. The paper says neither Coleman, his campaign or his office has been contacted by the FBI.

The Pi Press says the number of rejected absentee ballots has grown to 171. It will likely continue to grow in coming days as local elections officials continue to sort the ballots.

Coleman’s campaign withdraws more challenges.

The Star Tribune takes a look at the State Canvassing Board’s role.

State Government

City and county officials will appear at several committee hearing this morning to make their case for aid to cities and counties. Legislative leaders say there’s no way they can balance the current budget deficit without cutting LGA. The Pi Press, the Star Tribune, Forum Communications, St. Cloud Times and AP have stories.

Pawlenty is also calling for a salary freeze.

DFLers call for an overhaul of DEED.

Minnesota’s students are doing well in science and math. Really well.

The State pension fund has takes a hit. The State Investment Board meets this morning.

Pawlenty’s office gets a suspicious letter.


A judge rules Idaho Sen. Larry Craig can’t withdraw his guilty plea.

  • While the legislature may blame DEED for the loss of jobs, will those same job losses be part of the reasoning to lower Corporate Taxes by Pawlenty’s 21st Century Tax Reform Commission ?