Marty is testing the waters for a second run for governor

State Senator John Marty, DFL-Roseville, has launched an exploratory campaign for governor.

Marty was the DFL-endorsed candidate for governor in 1994, losing to Republican incumbent Arne Carlson. He’s currently serving his seventh-term in the Minnesota Senate, and is chairman of the Senate’s Health Housing and Family Security Committee. Marty launched a website and sent an e-mail to announce his plans.

Dear friends,

Our state and nation face challenges that will not be solved by business as usual – the worst economic times since the great depression, the foreclosure crisis, rising unemployment, and increasing economic and social disparities. These challenges require the kind of change that is only available from a leader of vision and courage. That’s why we are encouraging John Marty to run for Governor, and today we are announcing the formation of an exploratory campaign.

We are encouraging Senator Marty to run for Governor because of his vision, his strength, his integrity and his courage. Minnesotans are eager for change. We don’t want politicians to continually tell us that universal health care will never happen, or that decent wages for workers are unrealistic, or that adequate funding for schools isn’t feasible. We want a governor who will work with us to make things happen. We are confident John Marty can provide that leadership. We have seen John Marty’s leadership in health care reform. Senator Marty is the candidate with the vision to design the Minnesota Health Plan – the only plan around that would provide affordable health care to every Minnesotan. We have observed John’s strength, day after day, giving voice to Minnesotans’ need for a health care system that works. He is building a growing coalition of individuals and organizations who support this bold reform. John is the candidate with the integrity to reject all money from the pharmaceutical and insurance industries and all other special interests. That kind of courage enables him to stand up and fight for, and win passage of, the Minnesota Health Plan. John Marty is rooted with conservative values – honesty, fairness, respect, frugality; John Marty has a progressive vision – healthy families, a safe environment, good schools – a better future.


The Marty for Governor exploratory campaign

Other prominent Democrats have also said they plan to run for governor in 2010. The list includes State Senator Tom Bakk of Cook, Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner and State Representative Paul Thissen of Minneapolis. Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty hasn’t said whether he will seek a third term.

  • Susan Gaertner is in charge of prosecuting dissenters to the RNC as terrorists under the PATRIOT Act: Crazy but true.

    As much as the Republocrat system stinks, it’s good to see others running against her.

  • Charley

    It is hard for me to see who would be supporting Susan Gaertner, frankly. The Republican convention-goers have left town. Bloodthirsty Bob Fletcher is still around, of course, but the Ramsey County sheriff plays to a much more authoritarian and vengeful part of the political spectrum than DFLer Gaertner. As Ramsey County prosecutor, Gaertner continues to harass the innocent while ignoring the massively documented cases of police brutality. Gaertner can’t hold a public fund-raiser without protesters reminding her of her complicity with the storm troopers, and no politician can run for office in secret. So how could she ever become a viable candidate?