House DFL pulls a page from playbook.

The House DFL Caucus has established a page on their website calling for the public to contribute budget balancing ideas (AKA spending cuts). This isn’t the first time they used this strategy. Last session, the caucus created a hotline, a website and held public hearings on finding solutions to lower property taxes.

House and Senate DFLers say they also intend to hold public hearings across the state after Gov. Pawlenty releases his budget proposal in January. They say they’ll use the meetings to gauge what works under Pawlenty’s plan. In 2003, both caucuses used a similar strategy when the state was facing a $4.5 billion budget deficit.

  • Paul Mandell

    For the next biennium, make cuts contingent upon, 1) counting inflation in spending or not in revenue, and 2) equalize tax rate on the wealthiest before any cuts to thosebelow poverty level, and then 3) a dollar increase in revenues for every 2-3 dollars in cuts.