Daily Digest: 12-30-08


The State Canvassing Board reconvenes today to take up the issue of wrongly-rejected absentee ballots.

You can watch streaming video of the meeting via theuptake.org.

There are also meetings underway across the state to determine which absentee ballots should be sent along to the Secretary of State.

The Coleman and Franken campaigns are told to stay civil.

Sen. Harry Reid says he’s keeping an eye on the situation.

State Government

The MN State Legislators are divided about whether to pass a bonding bill to invest in infrastructure.

Minnesota’s courts are in financial trouble.

More Minnesotans are relying on social services from the state, but demand is outpacing the state’s financial resources.

Minnesota’s state lotto sales are up.


Republicans want more details on the economic recovery plan being drafted by Democrats.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar pushes for a high-tech stimulus package.


Want tickets to the inauguration? The Presidential Inaugural Committee is holding an essay contest.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s attorney will use the report from President-elect Obama’s transition team to bolster his client’s case.

Obama’s health chief, Tom Daschle, attends a health care forum in Dublin, Indiana.

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