Coleman campaign: We’re going to start losing but will win

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s campaign is trying to get in front of tomorrow’s story today. In other words, they are telling reporters that Democrat Al Franken will take the lead in the recount. Coleman’s campaign attorney held a news conference earlier to explain their methodology. The campaign also said this in the news release:

We are in the process of withdrawing approximately 400 of those, and because the board did not have time to pull them out of the line-up before today’s meeting, today you’ll likely see the numbers flip upside down as a significant number of those withdrawals go back into the Franken column. Because of the timing, the withdrawn challenges that will provide additional Coleman votes will not be awarded until later. This will cause a temporary flip today that will be righted once all the ballots have been reviewed and withdrawn challenges reinstated, likely by tomorrow.

Question of the Day: Is Coleman’s team correct or is this the beginning of the end for them?

  • Boog

    I’m not sure this makes any sense. All the Franken challenges were handled already. The Coleman team is correct that Franken will soon be ahead, but I don’t see how Coleman expects to make up that margin.