Why the vote tally is moving

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie said the Senate vote totals will continue to move as county election officials double check their work. He said the numbers will continue to fluctuate until the County Canvassing Boards certify the election. The deadline for the county boards to certify the numbers is Monday, November 10th. The counties are required to submit their election reports by November 14th to the Minnesota Secretary of State.

The State Canvassing Board will then meet on Tuesday, November 18th to certify the election. At that point, the board will order a recount which is required by state law.

  • It’s been fun watching the number fluctuate. The difference is 337 right now!

  • I heard that the constitutional amendment had problems in 2 counties, any followup on that?

  • dan tatu

    you say the numbers keep fluctating,but it keeps fluctuating to franken.unbelievable

  • dan tatu

    you say the numbers keep fluctuating,but it keeps fluctuating to franken. unbelievable!