The Daily Digest: 11-24-08

It’s Recount Week (part 2). This week, county workers will continue recounting the votes in the U.S. Senate race. The State Canvassing Board will also meet on Wednesday to decide on Al Franken’s plea to consider rejected absentee ballots.

Rejected absentees may decide the election.

Some counties worked on Saturday but no one worked on Sunday.

Last week, they battled over challenged ballots.

MPR takes a look at what could be a long legal battle.

Nate Silver thinks Franken will win. That and $3.50 may get you a latte.

The Fargo Forum takes a look at a Franken volunteer who switched to a nonpartisan vote counter.

The Wall Street Journal talks with Franken attorney Marc Elias.

AP says the recount compares to 1962 governor’s race.

Politico has a general look at the recount.

The Lizard People voter reveals himself (well, not really reveals himself but lets people know who he is).

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar said Dems could still get to 60 votes if they pick off a few moderate Republicans.


The feds are now looking at rescuing Citigroup.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman and DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar say an economic plan has to help rural areas.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz says there’s a slim chance an economic stimulus bill will be passed in December.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann doesn’t like the auto bailout.

MPR says college endowments are getting hit hard.


The Mental Health bill is GOP Jim Ramstad’s legacy.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar will hold a Health Care Reform summit.


Obama will announce his economic team today.

Obama plans to move quickly on his proposed economic fixes.

There is still speculation that DFL Rep. Collin Peterson will be picked as Ag Secretary. Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack is out of the running.

Afghans say Obama is promising more help.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will reportedly be named Commerce Secretary.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s office is telling her constituents that tickets for the big party have exceeded capacity.

State Government

Pawlenty and others expect a $4 billion deficit.

Health and Human Services programs may get the axe.

The Star Tribune’s Lori Sturdevant says education remains the elephant in the room.

The backers of an oil pipeline will make their care for a permit.

Minnesota launches an anti-fraud campaign.

I-94 traffic jams prompt the call for more lanes.

The Pi Press takes a look at the impact of the conceal and carry law on its five year anniversary.

Gov. Pawlenty didn’t include the U of M in his online learning initiative.

Hastings hospital workers to strike over pensions.

DFL Rep. Jeremy Kalin is tapped for a green schools effort.


The St. Cloud Times jumps on the Pawlenty to head the party bandwagon.


MinnPost speculates on whether DFL Rep. Tim Walz will run for governor.

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