The Daily Digest: 11-20-08

It’s Day 2 of the recount. Both GOP Sen. Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken lost votes as ballots are challenged.

The Star Tribune and AP say Coleman’s lead shrinks.

Forum Communications says Coleman has the overall vote lead after Day 1.

MPR, the Pi Press and AP have recount looks from across the state.

The New York Times says patience and politeness ruled the day.

Beltrami County finished its recount.

A judge grants Franken access to the list of those who had their absentee ballots rejected.

Democrat Al Franken meets with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. AP and the Star Tribune have stories.


GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann again tries to say she didn’t suggest that Barack Obama or other members of Congress are anti-American and called it an Urban Legend. Does she not know that videotape exists?

The Senate leader calls off a vote on the auto bailout.


Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano is expected to head Homeland Security.

Former Senator Tom Daschle accepts the post as Health and Human Services Secretary.

State Government

The state will release the unemployment numbers this afternoon.

Pawlenty will push online learning today.

Minnesota’s property taxes take a smaller jump.

2012 (it hurts my head to even write this)

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won’t rule out another run for president.

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