The Daily Digest: Election Day

Election Day is here. Here’s a handy dandy guide that answers all of your voting questions.

The Secretary of State says his office is ready for 80% turnout.

There are plenty of Election judges this year.

Here’s a viewer guide that details when the polls close in each state that matters.

2008 Race for Senate

The candidates make their final pitch. AP, The Star Tribune, MPR and Forum Communications.

Democrat Al Franken makes phone calls from his St. Paul headquarters.

GOP Sen. Coleman pulled an all nighter.

A judge tosses one claim but sets a hearing for another in the Coleman/Franken ad dispute.

2008 Race for President

The New York Times says the race changed politics as we know it.

Barack Obama’s grandmother dies one day before Election Day.

Obama talks with Don Shelby.

McCain makes a final, emotional stop in Arizona.

A second Alaska panel finds Sarah Palin didn’t violate ethics rules.

The McCain campaign releases Palin’s medical records.

Obama’s biggest supporter lives in Rochester, Minnesota. No, really, he’s Obama’s BIGGEST supporter.

Race for Congress

The candidates in the 3rd make their final push. MPR and the Wall Street Journal have looks.


Vice-President Dick Cheney is in South Dakota to hunt.

Lawmakers ponder a stimulus bill that includes infrastructure. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is mentioned.

  • bsimon

    I want to thank the MPR political correspondents for their tireless work covering this interminable election. You deserve a day off. Take it some time last year & keep the transition reporting coming on strong!

    Seriously though, nice job. Thanks.

  • Tom Scheck

    Thanks for the nice comments. Tonight will be exciting!

  • Karl

    “A second Alaska panel finds Sarah Palin didn’t violate ethics rules.”

    Like the poorly-worded headline from which this item was taken, it gives the misleading impression that the first panel also found no ethics violations with Palin’s actions regarding Troopergate. That’s not true. The first investigation, conducted at the direction of a bipartisan legislative panel, found that Palin DID abuse her power in Troopergate. Only one investigation–which happened to be the second one conducted–absolved Palin of any ethics violation.

    A fine, but critical, distinction.